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The Queen and the Cauldron 2-2
Chapter II: Books and Roses, Part 2
Much later that night, Jack finally slipped into Princess Trifolia's chamber and closed the door hard behind him. Leaning towards it, he sighed in relief and rubbed his eyes.
     There had been more dancing, more mingling, more idle chit-chat and many, many, many more forced smiles before the sovereigns had agreed to turn in for the night and the party had finally ended. Jack was spent and his nerves were on end, but he felt sure his cover was still intact. He savored this silent moment, allowing himself to relax.
     Unfortunately, the quiet serenity did not last long. There was a gentle rapping sound from the window lattice. Groaning, Jack walked across the room and pulled the purple curtains aside, revealing Rafvna sitting outside, tapping her beak against the glass. Jack quickly flung the shutter open.
     ”Good evening, you
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The Queen and the Cauldron 2-1
Chapter II: Books and Roses, Part 1
Prince Paris gazed at himself in the mirror and flashed an ivory-white smile. Damn, he looked good!
     It would have been an understatement of severe magnitude to say that Castle Shamrock was in a state of disarray. The day had started out rather hectic only to shift into a state of mild panic once everyone found they were a princess short and now, well into the afternoon, utter chaos held almost complete dominion within the ancient walls. With half of the household running around like decapitated hens trying to find Tria, the remaining half were pressed to their very limits getting everything ready for the grand ball. Queen Midea was desperately trying to maintain some degree of order within both factions while King William mostly just seemed on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
     The only one who didn’t seem at all upset was Paris. He was far too oc
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Sword Hilt... in theory by RelativelyBest Sword Hilt... in theory :iconrelativelybest:RelativelyBest 0 13 Hunter Sword by RelativelyBest Hunter Sword :iconrelativelybest:RelativelyBest 178 21 Kairos by RelativelyBest Kairos :iconrelativelybest:RelativelyBest 9 6 Rosie's Blade by RelativelyBest Rosie's Blade :iconrelativelybest:RelativelyBest 4 4 Catherine's Blade by RelativelyBest Catherine's Blade :iconrelativelybest:RelativelyBest 2 4
The Queen and the Cauldron I
Chapter I: The Princess Who Escaped
Four kingdoms, that is how it starts. There once were four kingdoms, of the old kind where kings and queens were wise and just, princes were charming and brave, and princesses were virtuous and fair. They were lands where farmers worked hard in fertile fields; where bandit lords held court in deep, dark woods; where bards sung their songs of love and adventure, silver and gold, in the hallowed halls of the nobility.
      Four kingdoms: first among them proud Ascamore, where chivalry still lives. West of her lies Carabas, home of merchants, pirates and dreamers. To the south, Vezini, where information holds greater value then gold and each day is a new conspiracy. To the north, prosperous Guilder, which is where our story begins.

The sturdy hardwood door slammed open and King William Shamrock of Guilder stormed into the chamber. “Trifolia!” he bellowed. His face w
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The Perfect Animal
I had a dream this night, such a strange and moving dream
Before me stood the Amur Tiger, the Great Cat
Lord of the animals, fire made flesh
Unsurpassed in beauty and strength
Before me stood the Amur Tiger, the Great Cat
Lord of the Animals, fire made flesh
Unsurpassed in his golden radiance
The man beheld the tiger, and the tiger beheld the man
Much like the image of a mirror:
Perfection of Power and Perfection of Form
Alike but not alike at all
The tiger spoke:
"Six billion," he said to me. "Can you understand this number?"
I shook my head, and answered him that I could not.
"Five hundred, then," he asked. "Do you understand this number?"
I said: Yes, I understand that number.
And we were both saddened
Much like the image of a mirror:
Alike but not alike at all
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Amara, part 1
Part 1: The Blacksmith’s Apprentice.
   It was late in the morning by the time Amara Lorant stirred and sat up in her bed. Yawning, she drew a hand through her hair and squinted in the sunlight. She got out of bed, yawned again, wobbled over to the window, opened it and stuck her head out. Taking a deep breath of fresh air, she shook her head to rid herself of any half-dreams and night-fluff that might still have remained in her mind. She observed the sun’s position in the sky and decided it was well past nine already. Quite a bit later then usual.
   Once this morning ritual was over, she sat down by her desk and looked into the large round mirror that Sabra had given her on her first birthday in his care.
   The girl in the mirror was a fifteen year-old in a nightgown, with a heart-shaped face that could have used some more sunlight, dark green eyes and messy straight hair like fresh rust with highlights of old copper. Her
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Winter King
Summer fled
In frosty dread, and here I sit alone
A wind cries, the dead will rise
Moonlight, snow and bone
I spend the night by candlelight
The years between us grow
The hours flew, my midnight is due
I wonder if you see these shadows too?
No songs to sing
A landless king upon his broken throne
A phantom face to hide my disgrace
A crown of heavy stone
I dance along with the laughing song
But there are too many smiles
Can it be: no warmth for me?
When all I have is fear and jealousy
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Rules For Duels
Each man has a right to defend his name in honest, righteous duels
As long as he behaves his best and follows the duelist rules:
-You shall not call your foe bad names, nor any insult say
Or make crude jokes on his behalf and laugh on this grave day
-Do not pick fights at any place with hedges, gates or walls
It makes it hard to get away once your opponent falls
-If thy foe admits his fault, repents and mends his way
You cannot fight him all the same, that wouldn't be fair play!
-Both weapons must be much alike in balance, length and weight
A game of chance decides the choice; it will be up to fate
-When it comes to choosing arms, put six coins in a hat
No cheating is allowed today, you'd best remember that!
-You shall not fight on Sunday night or any sacred day
And keep away from holy ground and temples too, I say!
-Dodge or duck, jump or stretch or circulate instead
But do not grab the other's sword! That's cheating, by my head!
-Each fighter has to bare his chest and fight without h
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Spring Snow by RelativelyBest Spring Snow :iconrelativelybest:RelativelyBest 15 27



Anders Backlund
Current Residence: Sweden
Favourite genre of music: Musical omnivore, but mainly rock.
Favourite style of art: Anime/Cartoony, anything with lots of colours.
Skin of choice: Bear.
Favourite cartoon character: Strong Bad (… )
Personal Quote: It takes a great man to stand with both feet on the ground while his head's among the clouds.
Well, I finally managed to get the second chapter uploaded, though I had to make a sacrifice in that it had to be split in two parts.

Over-all, I think I've learned some important lessons tonight:

-DA's uploading options are obviously designed to discourage the uploading of serious prose literature, rather the encourage it.

-DA is not equipped to handle texts longer then a short novelette at best, let alone anything in the general size of a novella.

-DA's uploading screen is dishonest, telling me a file is of adequate size when it is in fact too large to actually display.

About here I'd make some sarkastic crack about how DA obviously hates prose literature. But I honestly don't have the energy: it's early in the morning and I've been up all night trying to get my story to work the way it's supposed to.

Anyway, it probably isn't true. We prose authors aren't hated, just underestimated and neglected. It's a big site, so it's understandable. But it's also very sad. Because we're artists too, and our craft is every bit as evolved, revered, wonderous, subtle, delicate, vibrant, and grand a discipline as any other.

If we are allowed to practice and develope it to our full ability, that is.


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A shame, really, because I liked his art too.
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Methinks you have a bright future as a writer. ;)
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